Monday, May 6, 2013

Enter the Dragon

It was a lovely day out. Lovely to other people's standards, bright and sunny. Days like that leave me with migraines, I much prefer overcast grey drizzly days.  But, it was bright and sunny out and I needed to get stuff done outside of the apartment.  Such as the bank and the grocery before going for another meeting with Tarot Lady and her friend Timothy.

So I'm standing in line at the bank machine, when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye in the bank security monitors that they have in the front lobby.  Turning towards the doors, I saw this guy dressed in black leather from head to toe.

My first reaction was to laugh. It just seemed a bit overmuch even for this city's non-existent standards.  Just imagine, black leather pants, leather trenchcoat, long jet black hair with a red streak in the front, and sunglasses in doors.
My second reaction was, he must be a fan of The 69 Eyes, cause he sort of has the look down that the lead singer of that band does. Then he turned and smiled.

I felt my good knee get week. Damn, the dude had fangs. Yeah, fangs.

I made my way to the front of the line did my banking, and left for the grocery.  Storm was working, and the second he spotted me, ran to the staff room and hid. Might be a good thing given I'm still pissed about him telling The Drama Queen, I was dating someone I didn't even know.  I reached for a package of mushroom tops, dropped it and when I went to pick it up, this guy beat me to it.

It was the leather jacket goth guy from the bank. I smiled thanking him and watched as he moved to the next row.  Okay, you know me by now and as much as I hate the idea of the whole goth subculture, I love goth guys.

Messed up I know.

Continued on with my groceries, and when I was at the check out, spotted him again over by the Starbucks. He smiled again and I could hear him chatting with the lady who was working there as he waited for her to make his coffee.  Okay, I was eavesdropping.  Not that difficult given he was only five feet away.  What I learned was that he was helping a buddy move in, who's going to the university here. The buddy, not him. And that he's only in town for a few days.


Was about to pay for my groceries when I spotted the goth guy walk over to the sitting area and took his jacket off.  Oh god, the dude had arms for hours. And when I say that, I don't mean they were long, I mean he had arms that would rival Mad Hatter's or The Rebel without a Cause, or even The Other Guy, in way of shape.  And all three of those guys have really really great arms.  Other women go for washboard abs, I am a sucker for a guy with nice arms and hands.
And with his jacket off, I could see this dragon tattoo he had that went from his wrist up his arm. He smiled again as I had to walk past to get to the front doors, and as I was leaving I heard "Love your t-shirt."

I had to look down at myself to see what I was wearing my brain was just numb. I had a t-shirt for the vampire movie Lost Boys on. I was blushing when I finally got outside.

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