Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back to the basics Omens 101

Sneeze on a Saturday, you'll see your true love the next day.
Sneeze on a Tuesday, you'll soon be kissed.
Your shoe laces come undone, means someone is thinking of you.
The clasp on your necklace turns to the front, someone is thinking of you.
Itchy lips, you'll soon be kissed.
Itchy nose, secret admirer.
Bottom of your left foot itches, you will travel.
Left palm itches, there is money coming to you.
Right side of your body itches, your soulmate is thinking of you.

Broom/mop/silverware fall, company is coming.
Bubbles in the coffee cup/tea cup, money is coming to you.
Rice in a ring around the pot when cooking, a storm is brewing.
Eggs cracking when being boiled, unexpected/uninvited company will stop by.
Spiderwebs on the door, your lover is cheating.
Saying someone's name accidentally when meaning to say a different name, they are talking about you.
Ears burning, someone is talking about you.

I was asked to write out some of the main omens for Connie and her friends, figured, while I was at it, I'd go over the basics once again here given I refer to them so often.  As you can see, I added more then just love omens to this.
I'm having a cup of tea and working with the tarot cards.  It's moments like this that I remember why I got into the whole magickal side of things to begin with. Noticing the strangeness of omens and synchronicity of things.

And Mr. Scratchy, if you're checking in tonight at all, please smile.

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