Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday night blahs

Was chatting on the social site with a few people during tonight's wrestling. All comparing notes on what we think will be the outcomes this weekend on the ppvs, when I got elbowed out of every conversation by what can only be classified as a jealous girlfriend. 
Male friend #1 on there was chatting away with me for the first hour of the show, and suddenly, this chick who's on his friend's list but not mine, started to butt into ever single thing I was saying. 
It's funny in a way, but annoying in another.  This is the first I've seen or heard of this chick, and Male friend #1 was sweet about it, every few minutes opening a new chat just to apologize, but after awhile, he just dropped out of the conversation. The last thing I saw pop up on our main chat was the girl flat out asking if he was going to invite her over. 

Talk about marking your territory, and god knows if I had ever had the guts to mark my territory in the past maybe I wouldn't have gotten demolished so often by relationships?

Same time, she didn't need to butt in while he and I were talking about the ppv.  She could see it was straight up wrestling talk.

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