Friday, May 24, 2013

All I hear is ugly

My mother called few minutes ago, commenting on the fact it was middle of the day and I hadn't talked to her.  I've gotten into the habit of calling her in the morning to see if she's okay on days I'm actually at home.

Mom-:"What were you up to?"

Me-:"I was writing."

Mom-:"Oh, how is the novel coming then?"

Me-:"Nearly there. All the characters have been introduced, all the conflicts in place, and starting to resolve a few of them. The main elements are ready to be tied up, and then it will be peachy."

Mom-:"Then what are you going to do with it?"

Me-:"Then I give it some breathing time and work on draft two. Start fleshing it out, change stuff, maybe combine characters, change their names if need be that sort of thing. Why?"

Mom-:"That it then?"

Me-:"Then I get the guy out of my head. Start to purge the crush, move on to someone else. Start looking for an editor again."

Mom-:"No one will want to read it, I don't know why you continue to waste your time? No one cares." she made a cackling sound  "Who's this about then?"

I sat there for a moment telling myself to ignore her.   "Mad Hatter is the physical baseline for the lead character.Why?"

Mom-:"Oh him."  She said the word 'him' like she was spitting out a bad taste.  "You always pick the ugly weird ones." 

Well, that's a first, I've never heard anyone call Mad Hatter ugly. Everyone is usually drooling over him, practically swooning. 

Me-:"Can I get back to it or did you need something?"

Mom-:"Just looked at the time and realized I hadn't heard from you."

I ended the conversation and made a cup of coffee. Sitting here now, completely taken out of the train of thought I had with the novel, sort of pissed off about the whole conversation. Just once it would be nice to have my family be supportive of me. Just once.

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