Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Twist of barbed wire

What do you do when you know someone is not worth the time of a buddy of yours?  Do you keep your mouth shut or not?
I've done both over the years. I've told my buddy when someone was playing around on then, and I've kept my mouth shut.
I've gotten in crap both times.  It's one of those no win situations, that no one comes out clean on. Not the person being cheated on, not the person cheating, and not the buddy who gets stuck with the information.

It's one of those nights, when my brain is numb from trying to work on the novel, and I was hanging around on the one social site for a bit, and just going in circles on the computer.
I've written myself into a corner. Stuck once again, unsure how to fix the chapter without deleting the whole chapter.

Ah, the first part here tonight in this post, has nothing to do with the novel, and everything to do with the social site.  Internet relationships can be the best and worst things on the planet.

Okay, as I type this right now, I'm scratching the hell out of my right shoulder and the right side of my face. And I love knowing Mr. Scratchy that you're thinking of me, I can only hope I've set some scratching off on you as well.
If you're who I think you are, then you've been tearing yourself apart for the last few hours.
But that's another theory for another time.

Okay Herman, you're like a twist of barbed wire. I'm tangled and starting to like it.

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