Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Remeber what the door mouse said

I've got that old song stuck in my head "White Rabbit". I've had to track it down on youtube and listen to it, but it's just not going away.  There's those doors of perception again.

Herman, how's your day been?

I imagine you tonight Mr. Scratchy, checking in, a beer in one hand, a dirty baseball cap on covering your eyes, a fried egg sandwich in the other hand.  I have no idea where that thought came from either man.  I imagine you having just come in from taking your dog for a walk, and yes I still think you have a dog, a pair of dirty jeans on from that walk where the dog was jumping up on you. I imagine that you've started to study Tarot cards. Which I believe I mentioned that idea before few months ago. Anyways, I imagine you are probably better at them then me by now, and I've been using them for over twenty years. I imagine, that given you're ability to be a success in the industry, you've been able to master anything you decide to try. So, getting back to the idea of you and Tarot cards...I imagine you have been using them today and just maybe the Nine of Cups has been popping up for you. (the Ace of Swords for me all day)
I imagine you sitting there now, reading this post, scratching at your right shoulder, maybe starting to pay attention to names that repeat around you...
Okay Mr. Scratchy, as always, I hope I brought a smile to your lips.

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