Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ask a psychotic question, get a psychotic answer

"Oh my god. How are we even related?" the text from Walsh read.

Me-:"Reading the blog?"

Walsh-:"You know why the pizza chick stole the order right? Cause she wanted to check out her competition. Johnathan isn't done with you yet."

Me-:"If you say so. Competition sure right! Chick was holding my dinner hostage. You just don't hold hostage a plus size girl's dinner."

Walsh-:"Hahahah! True but the cat fight would be fun to watch."

Me-:" My ideal would be being the last woman on earth with the last thousand or so men on the planet. I figure I'd have at lest a year and a half with them before they all went gay out of desperation. Would be the end of the world no population reproduced."

Walsh-:"Oh my god."

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