Friday, May 10, 2013

post-it night time

I thought men were suppose to be mega tough?  I just checked out the highlights and photos on the wrestling site, and contrary to what everyone was telling me earlier tonight, Mad Hatter did not look that bad.  The guys were all freaking out over it on the chat thread. And Walsh for that matter...
Now that I've said that, it's probably worse then it looks. I hope it's not that bad.

You know Herman, if you want me to shut up about Mad Hatter, just lay it on the line and come out of the shadows.  Simple right?

Okay, so I think you're checking into this, yawning your head off, scratching at your chest, a large travel mug of coffee beside you. Maybe you just finished a show, or are waiting in the airport or even in the car traveling to wherever for the next show. 
I would hope, Mr. Scratchy, that if you're reading me in the car you're not the one driving.  Cell phones while driving are a big bad. That's something I will nag about to everyone.

And I was where?  Right, I imagine you tonight Mr. Scratchy, checking in tired, looking for a bit of the familiar.  

Okay Herman, dream of a coffee shop somewhere you hung out at once during one of your many nights on the road. Dream of coffee and donuts and the scent of late nights in the dark.

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