Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Midnight hour

"Read your posts. Will you believe me now when I say the Mad Hatter is your Mr. Scratchy?"  Walsh texted about a half hour ago.

Me-:"Well, all that proves is that he reads me. Still does not prove he's Mr. Scratchy."   Though it does make me feel better ironically.

Walsh-:"Why is it you will believe in ghosts but you won't believe that Mad Hatter could like you for more then your writing?"

Me-:"There is real proof of ghosts, people have heard ghosts, felt them, seen them, talked to them. Mad Hatter has never talked to me, therefore, no real proof."  

Walsh-:"You're scared. You're not the beast, he's not beauty and this is not a fairy tale. He's not that great just some guy."

Me-:"Yes, yes I am, yes he is, and yes it totally should be."

Walsh-:"Well, if it's totally a fairy tale, then you get the guy in the end. Isn't that how fairy tales work? The beast gets beauty."

I had no answer to that one, he sort of caught me.

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